Dr. Frank J. Morgan Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Frank J. Morgan Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. Frank J. Morgan Clock Tower is a 30-foot structure erected in the center of campus to honor one of Hudson Valley’s most distinguished and beloved professors and administrators. Dr. Morgan, who died in 2000, was with Hudson Valley from 1961 to 1985, serving as dean for 16 years.

The clock tower was funded by alumni and others who were touched by Dr. Morgan and also by the Keepers of the Flame, an association of the college’s retired faculty, administration and staff members.


Known for his thoughtful advice, Dr. Morgan helped countless students and was instrumental in developing transfer opportunities with many four-year colleges and universities. He also served as secretary to the college’s Board of Trustees after his retirement.

“I’m sure all of us who had the good fortune to know Dr. Morgan agree that a more fitting tribute could not have been planned for this giant in the history of the college,” said James A. Walsh ’61, chairperson of the Hudson Valley Community College Foundation Board of Directors.

“It’s such a fitting memorial because he always had time for everyone,” said Anne Morgan, Dr. Morgan’s widow. “Students always came to him for help because he was very honest and compassionate and they knew he had their best interest at heart.”